From Mark Harris

US Capitol Building
Washington Monument

“Conservative principles have been the bedrock of every successful civilization since the dawn of time. Societies from China to Rome have fallen when they have deviated from these time-honored truths. If America rejects the fundamentals of life, such as trust in God, individual rights, individual responsibilities, traditional marriage, hard work, cherishing our children, following the Rule of Law, and thankfulness for our history and our institutions, America will fall. But we will not forget.” Mark D. Harris

“The Progressive agenda will collapse under the weight of its own contradictions, but good people will have to suffer to get there.” Mark D. Harris

“I need your help to save America. We have moved far from our founding principles and now are a shadow of our former greatness. During my years in the US Army, in combat, in medicine, in ministry, in business, and raising five children with my beloved Nancy, I have seen Reagan’s America turn into Biden’s America. I am heartbroken, and furious, and so are you. Help me so that together we can restore our country. We were founded as a shining city on a hill, and we will get there again.” Mark D. Harris

World War II Monument
US Supreme Court
  • About Mark Harris
    • Retired Colonel and Iraq combat veteran, US Army. Awarded Bronze Star and Legion of Merit.
    • Chairman of the WV Republican Party, 2021-2022
    • Physician and Health Care Executive
    • Lay Minister, Memorial Baptist Church, Beckley WV
    • Beaver VFD – Firefighter, Diver
    • Businessman – Real Estate, Publishing, Consulting
    • Author – Non-fiction, fiction, medical textbooks and articles
    • Education – MD, MPH, MBA, MDiv, PhD, ThM, Doctoral Executive Certificate in Business Administration
    • Medical Support – NASA Space Shuttle Endeavor STS 67, 3/95
    • Senior Flight Surgeon, Private Pilot
    • Summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, 19,340 ft, highest mountain in Africa 9/99
    • Lived seven years in Europe and traveled to nearly 70 c0untries.
    • Musician – Voice, piano, guitar
    • 3rd Dan, Tae Kwon Do

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