A Discourse on Abortion

I was recently engaged in an email discourse with woman on abortion. Her initial, unedited email is as follows:

I read your state party platform section on health and health care. How will you comply with the 100% patient control you espouse in your platform by putting limits on women’s rights during pregnancy? We need an answer to this hypocritical discrepancy. If I can be trusted to legally kill an intruder into my home, make hospice and end of life decisions as someone’s legal representative, or make DNR decisions for myself, how do reconcile? I, too believe that an embryo is human life, a life that was part of my body during pre-viable pregnancy. i was responsible for it, as your platform states. Do you know my religion? Which religion are you promoting with your legalization of ending women’s full and equal civil rights? Forbidding medications and procedures when not licensed to practice medicine sounds illegal to me. When pharmacists and doctors leave the profession or the state, how do you plan to ensure adequate health care that is 100% controlled by us, the citizens? When did an embryo attain more rights than I possess? You owe us answers to these questions. The lawsuits and injunctions are already starting, so prepare for courtroom chaos. Hope that you are not sued for the death of a women who is exercising the rights and beliefs in your own platform. Those of us who are Independents, of religions different from yours, or agnostic require and deserve your justification and reasons before removing our fullest equality

My unedited response:

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